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Haddon Heights, NJ:...

Haddon Heights, NJ: Social Media Intern - Ropeadope Records  


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April 12, 2019 3:09 pm  

Apply on Indeed.com

Ropeadope is an internationally acclaimed record label with over 400 albums released to date, from historically important releases including The Word, The Philadelphia Experiment, and King Britt Presents Sister Gertrude Morgan alongside vibrant genre bending releases from Ghost-Note, Terrace Martin, Eddie Palmieri, and many more. The label stands as the pioneer of an emerging model of a 21st century label, supporting independent artists on their path of full creative and business control. Ropeadope operates as a distributed collaborative network of artists, mixing original record company models of quality curation with progressive tools of today’s connected world.

Ropeadope embraces a strong work ethic in support of great art, and is looking for passionate and driven individuals who have a broad sense of value. Our internship model is flexible, a connected team working in a virtual office via Zoom and Slack. Interns are expected to embrace challenge as they work on real projects. Interns have access to a transparent environment, meeting our artists and industry connections as part of the team.

The following positions are now open:

Social Media - With over 400 released albums, Ropeadope supports the promotion of our artists using various digital tools including social media. In addition to some traditional social media strategies, we are focused on the connections between artists and their fans and how it relates to marketing their brand and products. We are looking for students who can wrap their heads around being social on social media while understanding the connections between the artist and their fans.

Job Type: Internship