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Tuesday October 13

10:00-11:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Embodied Fan Identities and Practices
12:00-13:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Who Gets to Be a Fan? Identity Politics in Superhero Fandom
14:00-15:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Fandom and Gaming
16:00-1730 CDT (UTC-5)KEYNOTE EVENT: In Conversation with Dr. Rebecca Wanzo
18:00-19:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Close Literary Analysis of Fanfiction as Trauma Text
21:00-22:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: ‘So, this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause’: Fandom, Politics, Public Discourse and Democracy

Wednesday October 14

08:00-09:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Good Fan, Bad Fan? On Politics, Appropriateness, and Toxicity in Global Pop Culture Fandoms
10:00-11:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Fan-Made Histories
12:00-13:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: The Future of Dis/Ability Fan Studies
14:00-15:30 CDT (UTC-5)WORKSHOP: Fan Studies and Archival Research
18:00-19:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Sports Fandemic: The Ethics and Possibilities of Sports Fandom During Times of Crisis
20:00-21:30 CDT (UTC-5)FEATURED PANEL: Chinese Fandoms and Fan Cultures

Thursday October 15

08:00-09:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: The Practice and Politics of Theme Park Fandoms
10:00-11:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Online Spaces: The Present and Future of Virtual Fan Conventions
12:00-13:30 CDT (UTC-5)WORKSHOP: Re-Imagining Fan Studies in the Age of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter
16:00-17:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Fandom and American Political Culture
18:00-19:30 CDT (UTC-5)VID SHOW

Friday October 16

07:00-08:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Adolescent Fans and Material Culture
09:00-10:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: From the ‘Enormous Dunghill’ to the ‘Garishly Diverse’: Shakespeare and Anti-Fandom
11:00-12:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Teaching Fandom: Fandom, Fanworks, and Fan Studies in the Classroom
14:00-15:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Fandom at Home: How COVID-19 Adjusted Perception and Participation
16:00-17:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Fandom: The Next Generation
19:00-20:30 CDT (UTC-5)PLENARY: K-pop: Fandom, Politics, Digital Influence

Saturday October 17

08:00-09:30 CDT (UTC-5)SALON: Fans and Cancel Culture: On How Fans Process Disappointment
09:00-10:00 CDT (UTC-5)Amsterdam University Press Workshop
10:00-11:30 CDT (UTC-5)WORKSHOP: Fraught Fandoms: Navigating Aca/Fan Identities and Structural Racism
12:00-13:00 CDT (UTC-5)Intellect Workshop on Academic Publishing