Fan Studies Network North America (FSNNA) is excited to announce that we are seeking new members of our organizing committee. 

FSNNA held its first conference in October 2018 with the intention of gathering fan studies scholars in one place to meet, share new research, and promote the study of fanworks and fan cultures. Then during the Covid-19 pandemic, we ran successful online conferences with a focus on accessibility and community. Continuing a process of organizational renewal, we are actively recruiting volunteers who will bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the organization, expand the interdisciplinary breadth of our team, and can make a commitment to its continued success. We also welcome and encourage students, independent scholars, and members of underrepresented communities to apply. 

Terms begin in February 2023.

FSNNA Conference Committee Responsibilities and Expectations

  1. Commitment to Mission – serve to promote the development and maintenance of FSNNA as a community by organizing and publicizing its events, hosting conferences or other special events, generating new initiatives, and/or serving as a mentor for its community members
  2. Conference Participation – commit to attending FSNNA’s annual conference during your term 
  3. Virtual Meeting Participation – commit to participating in approximately 12 virtual meetings per year
  4. Communication and Online Participation – communicate professionally with other committee members and the FSNNA community; keep in contact with the committee asynchronously via email and/or Discord to coordinate tasks in between meetings; help organize, promote, and/or attend virtual events hosted by FSNNA
  5. Decision-making – collaboratively shape the annual conference and the future of FSNNA as an organization
  6. Peer Review – read and evaluate proposals for FSNNA conferences in a timely fashion
  7. Length of Service – commit to serving a 2-year term, with the possibility of renewal

Application Process

Please answer the following questions in writing (answers can be up to 150 words each) 

  • What has been your experience thus far with FSNNA, either as a conference attendee, a participant in a virtual event, or in some other form?
  • How does fan studies, as a discipline, inform your professional life? (For example, do you teach, write, research, create, and/or do service in the field?)
  • What skills, ideas, and aptitudes would you bring to the committee? What aspects of the conference are you most interested in helping with?

Please also include a short bio. This is our introduction to you as an individual, so you may wish to mention education, research interests, work/service in the field, education, and publications, but need not be limited to this more traditional information.”

Submit applications by January 22, 2022 to with “Committee Application” in the subject line. Anyone wishing to ask questions or discuss the responsibilities of serving on the committee is also welcome to contact the team at

New committee members will be announced before FSNNA 2023.


The text of this call was inspired by and adapted from various sources, including Console-ing Passions.