FSNNA23 Program Released

Cover of the 2023 conference program, featuring a sky full of neon clouds and text in a retro bitmap-style font. The text is a single column of verbs that start with "re" (e.g., redoing, renewing, reviewing), but each has been formatted as if the subject line of an email (i.e., "re: doing"), ending with the conference theme, "Re: Fandom."

With the 2023 virtual conference of FSN North America mere days away, we are pleased to release the full program. The links below will always point to the most up-to-date version of the program.

In addition to information on the keynote address, special events, and the full schedule of panels, the program contains important policies related to inclusivity, harassment, and use of conference platforms (including external social media) that we kindly ask all attendees to familiarize themselves with before the conference begins.